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Ascend Management Consultants

Your business intelligence consulting agency specialized in business solutions and management reporting for mid-market organizations. You are in the right place if you are in need of getting useful information out of our data and accounting system. Ascend Management Consultants can analyze your data and provide you with useful business information.

Business Consulting Services

View CRA Account Balance and Activities

Ever asked to reconcile your GST/HST, Payroll Remittances, or Corporate Tax Accounts? Login to your CRA business account and select the appropriate account. RT - GST/HST Account RP - Payroll Account RC - Corporate Tax Account Click on the link for account transactions. Once you select the account click on customized view and enter in the date range. Select the oldest date to view as much history as possible. Click view and the transactions and balances will display on the screen. You will have an option to print. You can also print the reports as PDF if you have the appropriate print driver. … Read More

Microsoft SQL Server View to Excel

SQL Server Diagram This SQL Server diagram is a visual representation of the database relationships and the fields form each database table that we will be using for reporting. The data will be connected to Microsoft Excel to allow for easy analysis using Pivot Tables. Here we are getting customer address information, their related business information, lease information including balances, terms, etc. as well as asset types and values. We are also filtering for active leases and sorting by NAICS code. SQL Server View Here is the SQL script to recreate the above diagram. Just copy and paste it into your new view and Microsoft SQL Server will automatically create the diagram. SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.CUST.CustomerID, dbo.CUST.U_Cust_CompanyName, … Read More

Fixing Lease Amortization from Lease Complete Conversion

If an amortization schedule was changed after your lease complete conversion you are unable to rewrite the lease if this lease was from the original conversion. The reason for this is because the amortization schedule will only have the remaining lease payments (not the full schedule). If this lease was entered through lease complete, you are able to rewrite the lease an will not have to follow the these steps. You can manually update the database using Microsoft SQL Server. In this example, I will be fixing the amortization schedule due to a change in payment terms. Lease Amortization Schedule Using Microsoft SQL Server run the following code SELECT * FROM AmortizationSchedules WHERE (amortLeaseID = 291113) Copy and paste the existing … Read More

Our Business Consulting Process

1. Complimentary Assessment

The first step in the process is a complimentary business project assessment. This allows our business consultants to get to know your organization and the specific specific requirements of your project. Our business consultants will determine what solution you are looking for.

2. Proposal Creation

The second step in the process is the creation of a Proposal for Project. This document outlines our the current situation and the solution you are looking for from us and includes the length of time as well as investment required to implement our services.

3. Implementation

Provided our Proposal is accepted, the project would follow the pre-determined timeline through to completion. Our project plan includes a pre-determined mile stones and online real-time project tracking for your convenience.